Florals update.png

Florals, a collaboration by Brittany Kugler and Emma Landwerlen, is a surrealist landscape created with the StArtUp317 initiative.

Florals is lifeless, early 1990's livingroom scene is being overrun by the floral wallpaper. The floral pattern is imbuing the common scene with both the uneasiness of obliteration and joy from release of the dull. The floral design is an extentsion of Emma Landwerlen's illustration work and green thumb. Brittany Kugler uses her background in theatre to create a realistic 90's livingroom scene and style the mannequin. They combine their talents to execute this work.

This mock up shows the basic set up: a lamp, some seating, possibly an end table filled out with period specific details like tchotchkes. To the side is a mannequin in a time approiate garment that is also overrun with the floral print. On the glass is a window cling of the title of the piece, the artists names, and social media information.


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You may buy merchandise, like clothing, one-of-a-kind totes, and pins, based on this work at:
Brittany Kugler’s Etsy Story: https://www.etsy.com/shop/PawneeGeneralStore


Emma Landwerlen’s Etsy Store: https://www.etsy.com/shop/enterprisegoods

To see more of Emma Landwerlen’s work go to www.dammitjem.com

To see more about StArtUp317 go to www.startup317.com